Marina di Pietrasanta

Marina di Pietrasanta

Marina di Pietrasanta is a fraction of the municipality of Pietrasanta, on the Versilia coast, in the province of Lucca.

Marina di Pietrasanta is a fraction of the municipality of Pietrasanta, on the Versilia coast, in the province of Lucca. This hamlet extends along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea overlooking Pietrasanta and includes the 4 km of coast between Forte dei Marmi and Lido di Camaiore. Marina di Pietrasanta is divided into four areas, which are (listed from north-west to south-east): Fiumetto, Tonfano, Motrone and Le Focette. History Already at the beginning of the 1930s, Marina di Pietrasanta was a well-known seaside resort, so much so that despite having a population of approximately 2000 people it could accommodate approximately 900 tourists in hotels and the same number in rented houses. At that time this hamlet was poorly urbanized: in the area closest to the sea there were the bathing establishments, which were mostly made up of simple wooden cabins with terraces and canopies (now practically disappeared), the buildings were crowded along the road coastal road and in small agglomerations for each of the four areas listed above. Mainly the area was characterized by large and thick pine forests of which a faint trace remains in the area on the border between Motrone and Focette, along the northern bank of the Motrone ditch (or Baccatoio stream). Tourism and beaches Even today the main form of livelihood for the population of Marina di Pietrasanta is tourism. In particular, this coastal area continues to be a renowned summer destination due to its large, clean and perfectly equipped sandy beaches. In Marina di Pietrasanta there are numerous historic social venues, most of which directly overlook the sea: remember, for example, the famous Bussola Versilia, Twiga, Seven Apples, Nikki Beach. The famous Canniccia disco, now demolished, overlooked the Aurelia and boasted the distinction of being the first biodisco in Italy (it had 4000 square meters of garden and a lake). Finally, there is also the municipal bathing establishment, namely Bagno Pietrasanta, with its sky blue umbrellas, which is the largest bathing establishment in the whole of Marina di Pietrasanta.

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